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Metal Roofing

Roofing Singapore can offer metal roofing for indoor projects. Our team has the experience and skills to meet every requirement and is fully licensed accreditation to keep you relaxed. Whether it’s copper, lead, zinc, single layer, copper, or stainless steel. Roofingsingapore only works with leading suppliers for quality metal roofing services in Singapore.

Domestic Metal & Single Ply Roofing Installers and repair in Singapore

As one of the specialized metal roofing Singapore, we can offer best ideas, design support of metal home projects. Our team can offer invaluable advice at all stages of the project. Through years of industry experience, we have established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers from all over Singapore, allowing us to ensure that all advice is accurate and useful while helping to achieve budget and ensure system integrity and aesthetics.

Is Metal Roofing cost-effective?

The metal roofing of residential buildings is usually made of copper, steel, and aluminum. While this means it is much expensive instead traditional tile roofing, metal roofing has a much longer life. To prepare for installation, rolls of 24 or 26 gauge steel sheets are metal-coated to prevent rust, followed by baking. This paint can be customized to match the overall look of your house. Steel roofing products are coated with zinc, copper (galvanized), or a mixture of zinc and aluminum. The metal coatings are offered in many types of thicknesses – the thicker the coating, the longer the service life, and the higher the cost.

Are they producing too much noise?

Again, the harsh answer is nope. As compared to asphalt tiles and similar roofing types, metal roofing is actually noiseless when it comes from to external sounds like rain.With the additional insulating layer, the absurdity that a few drops of water can create noise on the outside, noisier than the inside, becomes even more specious.

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Why choose us as your best metal roofing contractors in Singapore?

Prevention is the best form of protection, experts say, and this is where our metal roofing systems come into play.

Keeping a metal roof in top condition means protecting it from the elements. Consequently, the industrial metal coating is one of the most critical steps in the restoration cycle and cannot be done by all roofing companies. Our experienced installers are trained in the use of various approved metal roofing systems. This means we can help companies of various sizes with options and prices to suit any budget. Our metal roofing contractors will make sure your metal roof is protected from leaks and excessive heat stress. For advice, inquiries for metal roofing in Singapore, or for a quick conversation about your metal roofing needs, please contact us.

Contact the friendly Roofing Singapore team today to get quote for your metal roofing needs, call us today and learn more how metal roofing works for your home.