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Ceiling Leakage Repair

Ceiling Leakage Repair

At Roofingsingapore, we have repaired countless ceilings after water damage due to water leaks or water seepage damaged roof. Our process of ceiling leakage repair does not include the opening the ceiling in an attempt to search the leakage source. As a substitute, we use the modern thermographic and infrared technology to track down water leakage source in the ceiling of your home. This is unobtrusive and usually saves money and time without further damaging your belongings or ceiling.

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Our ceiling leakage repair process is very simple: Find water leaks with an infrared thermal imager Remove drywalls damaged by water Repair of leaks and broken plaster Paint and prime according to existing match Haul and clear up any clutter from your property Tracking and Access Methods

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If a leak occurs on days after wet weather conditions, it could indicate a roof leak. In this case, we will appoint a leak detection specialist with experience in roofing. They have the equipment and knowledge to get to the roof right away. They can make a quick visual assessment of his condition. This will help focus your attention on where to start your investigation. If the weather is dry and water stains are gradually increasing, it could be due to a water leak. If the attic has a water tank connected to a gravity system, we will appoint a Gas Safe registered plumber.

Likewise, if the water flowing through the ceiling is below the bathroom, we can also hire a plumbing specialist. All our technicians have a complete set of equipment to detect any leaks or sources of water ingress. You can read more about each of the techniques used here. Hidden leaks are very rarely found with a single test. The information gathered from one test determines how the investigation should be conducted and which test will be used next.

When you book the services of Roofingsingapore leak detection expert, you can count on the professional experience you need.